Press Clipping
Soul Science Lab

Soul Science Lab consist of Chen Lo, a culturally adept emcee with the lyrical aptitude that allows his intelligent rhymes to remain auditorily favorable; and Asante Amin, a multi instrumentalist who’s sonic sensibilities emit his New Orleans origins, steeped in drums and blaring horns. On PLAN FOR PARADISE the scientist individual talents coalesce to effectuate musical exhibitions analogous to a George Clinton coordinated Fe La Kuti grove session.

The project opens with “Innovative. Afro. Futuristic. Griots” the title here encompasses all that fills the 3 minute track which features the proclamation “we came here before, we gonna be here until”. By the time you reach the following song “Built My City” which employs a hypnotic loop of Jay Electronicas’ line; its clear now that what would normally be perceived as songs are portals within the centrifugal existence of time by which we can move swiftly between past, present, and future. This truth becomes more evident as the cohesiveness of PLAN FOR PARADISE renders the skip button passé; as if this offering yearns to be played on vinyl so that the revolutions of the record spinning reflect that of clock delineating time.

Soul Science Lab has indeed created a revolutionary album as the bongo is drummed and the ancestor roll call begins “I am Shake Zulu, Desmond Tutu, Afeni, Tupac and Mutulu…” Africa’s The Future” cements Blacks position in the future through reverence of the resilience in those who fought. “Time Travel” allocates a little more than 60 seconds of jazz before the scientist lunge listeners into the front lines of current oppression screaming “Fuck yo breath” in response to cries of “ I can’t breathe” Elsewhere the beautiful voice of Ms. Brown serenades the 3rd eye on a track of the same name, which plays almost seamlessly into “Apart Of Me” where the duo extends a portion of themselves to a love threatening departure. Despite love lost moor is found when the “Kingmaker” is explained as a woman who provides the throne for her man, the track serves as an augmentation of what we believe Black love is.

PLAN FOR PARADISE is more than a mere album; the project presumes the role of a musical extrapolation for the time-space continuum and it’s inextricable relationship with Blackness. At closing optimism is copious as the scientist use there “Supernatural” ability to create “Paradise” for what is Clearly one of the best musical offerings of 2016.